Kiev: The World-Class Metro System in Ukraine

Kiev: The World-Class Metro System in Ukraine

Kiev Transport System

Kiev is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, located at the north central part of the country on the Danube River. It is a very crucial part of European’s industry, science, education, culture, and economy. Kiev is famous for its historical places, high-tech industry, and educational institutes. The city is the home of a very large infrastructure and a developed transport system in which Kiev Metro is the magnificent one.

Kiev Metro is the metro system of city’s public transport. It is the first rapid transit system of Ukraine and the third one which was built in Soviet Union after Moscow and St Petersburg. Kiev Metro has three lines which covered the total area of 67.6 km, running 52 stations. It is stated that Metro carries 1.439 million passengers at a daily basis that accounts 38% of Kiev’s total public transport load. One of the deepest stations of the world is found in Kiev Metro and carried 536.2 million commuters till 2013.

Kiev Metro System

Kiev Metro actually came into being by the effort of a Businessman of Russo-American who collected funds to initiate metro service in this city. He was also one of the pioneer of Russian rapid transit system and Russian tram. After the terrible destruction of civil war in Kiev, a massive reconstruction and renovations were opened to rehabilitate the capital city in 1949. Following this construction, the Metro also began as per the previous plan and after eleven years, the first 5.2 KM segment of Metro from Vokzaina to Dnipro was opened.

Metro Train Station

Now, that segment has five stations in the central part, which is called Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska that runs from west to east in the capital city. The second segment of the Metro line was started in 1970 with three stations which commenced their functioning in 1976. These stations were going to be expanded by the time and covered more residential areas in northern Kiev. The third segment of Metro line was initiated in 1981 and completed with three stations in 1989, covering southeast regions of the Kiev.

Kiev Airport Taxi

The formation of the Metro is really sophisticated, following a triangle of three lines and six radii graph that intersects from the center where the stations are constructed with very deep underground. Currently, there are 52 stations, working on the surface with subways and undergrounds. Kiev Metro has a total of 794 metro cars that shapes 150 trains in the city. The Metro costs 2.00 hryvnia per single ride irrespective of destination and number of transits. A token of green and the blue color is available for a ride along with the contactless card. However for roaming the streets and for reliable and affordable transportation, book for Kiev airport taxi here.

Altogether, Kiev has the best and largest Metro system in Ukraine which sets a benchmark for the whole Europe with respect of transport system, assisting the local and foreign travelers evenly.


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